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Play Shops (Classes)

Want to come out and play? You can choose from a wide range of highly engaging playshops offered at Lorie Eichert Empowerment Coach. If you want me to come and present these to your group or company's employees, feel free to get in touch with me and we can schedule an appointment.  Any intuitive work can be done via Zoom...including coaching.

“Lorie did an amazing job of improving my team’s communication: she used a peanut butter sandwich!  Who would have thought my guys would have related to such a thing, but they loved it!”

-Jace with Swiftec Electric

To schedule your amazing, engaging group experience contact

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Manifesting Monday

This class is designed to help you get VERY clear on what it is that you want! I will then take you through the steps of manifesting...it's not hard...and it's not what you think...class may not last until 9 pm...it depends on class size and how in-depth people's desires are.

Dinner with the Divine

A Dinner Party with a Difference-you provide the food, wine and girlfriends and I do the Intuitive Readings. In a relaxed atmosphere, I will address common issues and help give a new perspective to everyone present. You’ll be surprised to learn how much common energy is shared! Everyone walks away with a refreshed outlook, clarity on a particular issue and YEP-have some fun, too! IT’S KINDA LIKE A PSYCHIC TUPPERWARE PARTY!

Curious About Cards:  Creating Connection

Thru Oracle Cards - I love to play with all types of Oracle Cards! As a "reader" I use them to gain insight and clarification and, well, they're just plain fun! If you are curious about what they are and how they work - please join me.  If you have your own and want to "read" for others - please attend.  If you are experienced and would enjoy sharing your gifts - please appear.  And if you simply desire to connect with others - please gather.  I will provide a brief overview and then we will begin creating connection guided by Spirit.

Sunday Soul Space:  A Gathering

If you desire clarity, connection, insight, a deeper understanding of who you are, to experience energy healing, and engage with like minded people...this is the event! We will be joined by my special guests as well as angels, spirit guides, Source and those who exist beyond the veil.  I invite you to come comfortable, be open to playing in possibility, and bring an open mind.  I will provide coffee, water, and a light snack.

Aurora Speaks

Join me on my latest adventure - opening up to and experiencing Spirit through Channeling.  One of my Guides is named Aurora.  She is a wonderful representation of who exists in the Spirit world, patiently waiting to be asked to share insight, knowledge, love, words of encouragement, etc. I am also open to helping you find peace through mediumship-connecting with your loved ones on the other side of the veil.

Bless Your Heart Series

More details to come...

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February Events: (located at Creekside Professional Offices

2650 Jackson Blvd., Suite 18, Rapid City


Manifesting Monday: Monday, Feb. 18, 6-9 PM


Connecting Thru Cards: Thursday, Feb. 21, 6-8 PM


Sunday Soul Space:  

Sunday, February 24, 1-4 PM


March Events:


Bless Your Heart Series:  

Every Tuesday in March, 6-8 PM

(early bird $115 for all sessions or $35 each, at the door)


Manifesting Monday:

Monday, March 18, 6-9 PM


Connecting Thru Cards:

Thursday, March 21, 6-8 PM


Clay and Connection: A Gallery-Style Event

Friday, March 22, 7-9 PM

($30 at the door)


Sunday Soul Space:  

Sunday, March 24, 1-4 PM


Upcoming Fairs


Hot Springs Holistic Fair, Saturday March 2, 9-4


Bodylabs USA Holistic Fair, Bismarck, ND, Saturday, April 6