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Play Shops (Classes)

Want to come out and play? You can choose from a wide range of highly engaging playshops offered at Lorie Eichert Empowerment Studios.  Play Shops can be presented and customized to your group.  


Any intuitive work can be done via Zoom...including coaching.


Play Dates and Play Shops are held at Creekside Professional Office Plaza, 2650 Jackson Blvd, Rapid City,

unless otherwise noted.



Dinner with the Divine

A Dinner Party with a Difference-you provide the food, wine and girlfriends and I do the Intuitive Readings. In a relaxed atmosphere, I will address common issues and help give a new perspective to everyone present. You’ll be surprised to learn how much common energy is shared! Everyone walks away with a refreshed outlook, clarity on a particular issue and YEP-have some fun, too! IT’S KINDA LIKE A PSYCHIC TUPPERWARE PARTY!

Curious About Cards:  Creating Connection thru Oracle Cards

I love to play with all types of Oracle Cards! As a "reader" I use them to gain insight & clarification and well, they're just plain fun! IF you are curious about what they are and how they work-Please join me. IF you have your own and want to "read" for others-Please attend. IF you are experienced and would enjoy sharing your gifts -Please appear. And, IF you simply desire to connect with others-Please gather. I will provide a brief overview and then we will begin creating connection guided by Spirit. Every 4th Thursday, from 6-9 pm.

Sunday Soul Space:  A Gathering

IF you desire clarity, connection, insight, a deeper understanding of who you are, to experience energy healing, and engage with like minded people...this is the event! We will be joined by my special guests as well as angels, spirit guides, Source and those who exist beyond the veil. I invite you to come comfortable, be open to playing in possibility, and bring an open mind. Every 4th Sunday, from 1-4 pm.

Aurora Speaks

Join me on my latest adventure-opening up to and experiencing Spirit through Channeling. One of my Guides, Aurora, is a wonderful representation of who exists in the Spirit world, patiently waiting to be asked to share insight, knowledge, love, words of encouragement, etc. I am also open to helping you find peace through mediumship-connecting with your loved ones on the other side of the veil. This experience can be done in a private setting, my office or your home. Call for an appointment.

Heart of Fire Series

Go from living a life of mostly mundane to a life of magic and miracles.


Here’s the deal: I know your heart hurts. I know you desire something more. I know you need to remove blocks. I know you would like an accountability partner. I know you. I was you.


The intention with this series of classes is to take you deeper each time through. We need time to implement this type of transformation. We need each other for support, ideas, love, and connection.


This class will be like nothing you have ever taken before…we will grow, play, discover, cry, scream, explore, manifest, create, purge, evolve, awaken…and hopefully…fly.


There will be four Parts to this series of classes, each Part being 4 weeks followed by a 5th bonus night-Desires Discovered.


Every Tuesday night, starting April 16, from 6-9 pm.


    Part 2: Heal Your Heart

           Week 1-April 16:  Mend that Broken Heart

           Week 2-April 23: Permission to Love

           Week 3-April 30:  Finding Joy

           Week 4-May 7:  Give Yourself A Raise

    Part 3:  Express Your Heart  

    Part 4: Treasure Your Heart


Cost: Each week at the door is $35. Pay at the beginning of each Part is $120. Pre-pay-write post-dated checks for all 4 Parts is $460. If you pay at the beginning and/or the pre-pay option, the 5th night is FREE, each Part…you may write four $120 checks and post date each one to be able to receive the bonus. Scholarships are also available-talk to me.



Schedule of Events


Fees:  Play Dates (private sessions) are $75/hour, unless otherwise noted.


Connecting Thru Cards and Sunday Soul Space are donation-based.


Location: Creekside Professional Office Plaza, 2650 Jackson Blvd, Rapid City-unless otherwise noted.


--April Events--


Heart of Fire Series, Part 2: Heal Your Heart

Four Tuesdays in April/May, starting April 16, from 6-9 pm

The Heart of Fire Series is $35 per session @ the door,

or $120 for prepaid, 4 week session


Clay and Connection: Thursday, April 25, 6:30 PM

This Spirit-led Gallery Style event is co-facilitated with Cathy Thrash, held at Prouty Pottery. ($30 at the door)


Sunday Soul Space: A Gathering

Sunday, April 28th, from 1-4 pm




Holistic Fair-Celebrating the Divine in all of us at Agape Spiritual Center,

Rapid City, Saturday, May 4, from 10-4


Heart of Fire Series, Part 3: Express Your Heart

Tuesdays starting in May, from 6-9 pm

No class May 14

Tuesday, May 21

Tuesday, June 4

Tuesday, June 11

Tuesday, June 18


The Heart of Fire Series is $35 per session @ the door,

or $120 for prepaid, 4 week session


Connecting through Cards: May 23, 6-9 pm


Desires Discovered

Tuesday, May 28, from 6-9 pm

Prerequisite: must have attended at least 2 of 4 Heart of Fire Classes.  (Desires Discovered is free to those that purchase any Play Shop Series in advance, otherwise $35 at the door)


No Sunday Soul Space on Sunday, May 26 (due to Memorial Day holiday)  Rescheduled to June 2.




Sunday Soul Space: June 2


Connecting Through Cards:  June 20


Summer Solstice Holistic Fair: Canyon Lake Senior Center, Rapid City, 10 am to 4 pm


Sunday Soul Space: June 23rd










Intuitive Readings

Play Dates are how I like to think of these sessions! They are private in nature, but we invite all the powers that be to the table-yours and mine-our guides, angels, loved ones, Source, fairies, anyone who has your best interest at heart! We can create connection and alignment with your Inner Child, Inner Male/Female, and much more. Anything is possible-if you believe in possibility!

Register Here Heart of Fire Series Part 2_ heal your heart