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I am an Intuitive Healer, who has an invisible bag of tools, all designed to help people move from turmoil to triumph, from chaos to clarity, from overwhelm to overflowing joy, and remove negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns for good! Some of my tools, which I actually see as gifts, are listed below with a brief description. If you have a curiosity about any of them and how a particular reading may help you, please call me.  Any intuitive work can be done via Zoom...including coaching.

Past Lives

This type of reading is for someone who is interested in reincarnation, who has gotten the impression of “I’ve been here, done that before” or the strong sense of “don’t I know you-you seem so familiar” and is open to seeing how their past can be affecting the present. I do this type of reading through guided visualization and asking intuitive questions. Once, I have gotten some information, I then spend some time helping  you process it and make suggestions on how you can apply to your future.

DO you desire the freedom to live your life more fully?

This is a very fun type of reading to do. At first we take a look at what’s not working in your life and how those situations align with male or female dominated behaviors. Then, we explore through guided conversations the “why” of this happening. Finally, I do a guided visualization which reunites your inner male and female, returning balance to your life.

This type of reading is much like the Male/Female above, the difference being that I will be helping you to understand why you need to welcome your inner child back into your life and open up to what possible after this connection has been established.

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Inner Male and Female Connection

Inner Child Invitation

I read all different sorts of cards. I use the cards to bring greater clarity to the table when working with someone who is in chaos, who needs a greater understanding of what is happening and a message of hope. MY favorite deck of cards, are The Fairies created by Doreen Virtue. I love these cards because they speak of love and possibility!

Card Readings

This type of reading is as unique as the person who needs it. I often “see” or “feel” when someone has stuck energy some place in their body. This stuck energy is often causing physical systems such as pain, sickness, headaches, weight gain, etc. Again using intuitive conversation, some visualization techniques, a little Emotional Freedom Technique, healing rocks, some Body Talk concepts and trusting Source as my guide-I lead you to a place of “seeing“ the issue, removing the belief, releasing the reason for holding onto the physical symptom, and hopefully, freedom to live your life more fully.

Energy Release

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Join me on my latest adventure-opening up to and experiencing Spirit through Channeling. One of my Guides, Aurora, is a wonderful representation of who exists in the Spirit world, patiently waiting to be asked to share insight, knowledge, love, words of encouragement, etc. I am also open to helping you find peace through mediumship-connecting with your loved ones on the other side of the veil. This experience can be done in a private setting, my office or your home. Call for an appointment.

Aurora Speaks

you have the best set of friends._