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Speaking & Presentations

It hasn’t been all that long ago that I was able to reconnect with my dream; to be a performer. Now I know that I can’t sing, dance or play any sort of musical instrument, but I can speak. I absolutely love to be in front of an audience telling stories in a way that motivates people to make changes in their lives. I want to travel all over the world telling my stories and teaching tired, burned-out adults how to play. I can customize a talk based upon the needs of your group.

Are you judged by how you look?


How are you perceived? Is it a negative or a positive? What about your body language-is it welcoming/inviting? Who gets to decide that…society…you…your mom?


Are you a different person at work? Do you have to try harder because you’re a woman? Oh and what about pay equality?


Here’s what I know for sure, the most attractive quality you can have is confidence and a positive attitude…nylons or not!!!


“Lorie had us do this

amazing activity where we had to draw a house, then she showed us how we choose to do life and work and how our values are the foundation of 'our house.'  This was the perfect visualization for a Home Financing Company!"


-Diane with Omni Home Finance

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The Nylon Shuffle!

What's your personality style?

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our personality can help us to better interact with our co-workers. This is helpful in gaining an appreciation for those people who are different than us.  Effective communication is always an integral part of our career.

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