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Comprehensive Coaching Packages*

I would love to be your Fairy Godmother! As your Empowerment Coach I would be guiding you, leading you, empowering you, loving you and sometimes pushing you to get clear, much like a Fairy Godmother would do. Each session is designed to take you deeper, to develop new thought patterns, to encourage transformation, and support you through this transition!

Are you settling for something less than amazing?


Do you desire to make some big changes in your life?


Contact me today!

A few questions for you to ponder:

Unleash the Possibilities


All of my packages are designed to meet your specific, individual needs and are ideal for those who want to:

Are you compromising in your life? Are you settling for something that is less than the amazing, beautiful, loving life you deserve to live? Isn't it time you take back what is rightfully yours? Isn't it time you finally embrace the power you have suppressed and hidden?


I believe that by spending consistent time with each other we can accomplish many of the goals listed below. Consistent coaching is crucial to implement new ways of doing things: it takes time to fully embrace the necessary transformation.

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  • Identify what’s working and what’s not.

  • Break free from internal conflicts; increase your confidence.

  • Map out a plan of action to achieve tangible short & long-term goals.

  • Overcome obstacles, procrastination & overwhelm.

  • Align your desires, thoughts, and actions; design a new, exciting future for yourself.

  • Reconnect with your true self; clarify what it is you truly want.

  • Discover your passion or life purpose.


A 10 month Transformational Experience


This empowerment program is designed to create lasting change for you...professionally...spiritually...personally! Hop on a free Discovery Call with me and together we will determine what's inside the container-times, days, experiences, and price.

Waving of the Wand

6 months of Coaching Sessions


Imagine what Cinderella's life could've been like had she met her Fairy Godmother sooner? We will take the next 6 months and design your new life-with or without Prince Charming, the Grand Castle, or the dreaded job. Have no fear...the clock won't strike midnight before you will have some big transformational things happening in your life!


For a one to two day intensive experience click below.

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*Because these packages are created just for you, pricing will reflect upon your choice of experiences.