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Highly Engaging Workshops

Want to come out and play? You can choose from a wide range of highly engaging playshops offered at Lorie Eichert Empowerment Coach. If you want me to come and present these to your group or company's employees, feel free to get in touch with me and we can schedule an appointment.

“Lorie did an amazing job of improving my team’s communication: she used a peanut butter sandwich!  Who would have thought my guys would have related to such a thing, but they loved it!”

-Jace with Swiftec Electric

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Inspired Art

Let’s reconnect with that inner child and have some fun painting on canvas. I will lead you through a guided visualization designed to open your heart and mind, get you grounded and present with what’s possible, and we will paint an Inspired Vision of who we are…no artistic ability necessary for this class.

Dinner with the Divine

A Dinner Party with a Difference-you provide the food, wine and girlfriends and I do the Intuitive Readings. In a relaxed atmosphere, I will address common issues and help give a new perspective to everyone present. You’ll be surprised to learn how much common energy is shared! Everyone walks away with a refreshed outlook, clarity on a particular issue and YEP-have some fun, too! IT’S KINDA LIKE A PSYCHIC TUPPERWARE PARTY!

Intuition 101

Come on you know you are…YEP…we all are intuitive! This class is designed to bring out the best in you. You will learn how to embrace and listen to your gut-your heart-not your head.

Mastering Manifestation

This class is designed to help you get VERY clear on what it is that you want! I will then take you through the steps of manifesting…it’s not hard…and it’s not what you think…

Facing The Fear

This is an Introductory Class where we will unveil the not so friendly face of resistance, by uncovering the 6 faces of fear, coming to understand your particular Fear Factor, and then unleashing your infinite possibilities! If you want to be set free from self-limiting behaviors-then this is the class for you!

Baby Be Brave: A Class on Vulnerability

Based upon the teachings of Breneé Brown, this class is for you if you are a professional woman who has spent years striving for perfection and are exhausted, you are a mother who has spent years feeling guilty for not being a good enough mother, you have more than a few failed relationships and can’t figure out why or you are afraid to speak your truth because “they” might get mad or may not like you. Baby be brave and sign up!

Playing in Possibility: A Belief Building Workshop

This workshop is for you-if you have forgotten how to play. We will explore your passions, create an inspired piece of art, discuss what holds us back, remove limiting beliefs and learn how to “fly”.

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