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Why is it so Hard to Let Go?

By lorieeicher32108074, Jun 27 2019 07:21PM

When I think of letting go - the pain of it - I think about how hard it was for my daughter to give up her "blankie". She loved that old, worn out blanket who was faded, tattered, and useless for keeping her warm...

As an adult, what are we still holding onto...that's old, worn out, and useless?

For me, the lesson came just the other day, while I was working on paying bills. Doctor bills, insurance filings, and making sense of how an insurance company determines qualifying events can all cause a girl to want to stab her eye out. I didn't...but man was I sure frustrated.

The back and forth with them had been going on for almost a year. I was absolutely convinced that they still owed me money (that I was right). I was determined to prove, even if it meant giving up fun in the sun with the grandkids, to find the fine print and show them...that they owed me...are you seeing a recurring theme (thought/belief)???

Well, to justify my injustice, I called in and explained for the millionth time ALL the details...and then, was disconnected. (Had to be their phone right?) ...so I thought they'd call back...left everything spread out across the dining table...and proceeded on with my day. I got very engrossed in planting flowers, mowing, enjoying that perfect summer day...

Late that night, I decided to check my email...and very much to my surprise, there was an email from the insurance company. Of course, that little justifier who sits on my shoulder said into my ear, "They are writing to apologize for dropping the call, going to tell you to fill out yet another form..." The drama just went on and on.

Well, I was blessed to the point of tears...it was an EOB...and they were sending me a check for $1400 the next day and apologized for the delay. I'm serious about the tears...tears of release and gratitude pouring down my face.

So, my friends, huge lesson on trusting that the Universe has your back-especially when you stop trying too hard to be right!

Gotta love it!!!

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