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Fresh Start - We All Deserve One

By lorieeicher32108074, Feb 10 2019 08:19PM

Hello Dear One!

What's your plan? Or more specifically, what's THE plan?

This question is one I have asked of people (my children and family for sure) for years. I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up on my tombstone, if I am not careful!

Well, here's the deal...I haven't had one for quite sometime...I have come to hate the week between Christmas and New Year's because there was so much pressure...to set goals, design loftly resolutions, and write them all down. UGH...I'm over it already.

BUT, I did get still and quiet during that week. I DID ask myself, "What do you desire - to experience - to have-to be-to feel" in 2019? A word came to me in that stillness: adventure. The more I thought about the word - adventure - the more excited I became!

The next thing I did after hibernating (sounds better than vegetating, doesn't it?) was to pull a card for 2019...tada...Fresh Start! Couldn't be more perfect!

You see, once you decide, once the clarity of the wish comes through, the Universe is more than willing to assist you.

Briefly, here is what my Fresh Start is going to look like:

Take Care of Myself. Like I would a best friend. Change my inner dialog, lots of massages, walks in the woods, learn to cook healthier foods, limit the sugar, buy a new bed, ride a horse.

Clean Up my Own Back Yard. Make amends, let toxic relationships go, clean out my closet, purge everything that I haven't used or worn in a year, close unnecessary credit cards and pay off the little ones.

Re-brand my business. Get excited about what I do, have no fear in sharing it, find new ways to promote it, be authentic, be real, be seen and be valued.

Go to Work. Open an office, hang my name on the door, be OPEN for business. Book some clients, schedule some classes, book some speaking engagements, have fun!

Enhance My Skills. Attend a retreat, take a class, hire a coach, join a mastermind, attend a book club, facilitate a gallery, reach out to someone whom I admire-ask them to become my mentor.

Love My Family-without expectation. Be Love. Give Grace. Practice Forgiveness. Show Compassion. Exude Empathy.

NEWS FLASH: Since the first of the year I have:

rented an office

had weekly massages

bought a new bed

walked in the woods

cleaned my closet (work in progress)

cleaned up my credit card issues

talked with a re-branding expert

searching for that mentor

booked a spot at a Gabby Bernstein Retreat located at the world-renowned Kripalu Yoga Center (more info HERE )

joined 2 book clubs

and I will be facilitating a master mind and galleries on a monthly basis

and work daily on loving the family - without having a plan.

We all deserve a fresh start! Many of us know we need one, but aren't quite sure how to get one. If that's you, Dear One...know I'm here for you. It all begins with a divinely guided conversation about...your heart's desires.

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