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By lorieeicher32108074, Mar 15 2019 12:06AM

Hello Dearest!

What are you doing today?  Seriously?

Look again at the picture.  I give you full permission to turn off all tech...crawl into your bed...and decompress. It's important that you lay in silence and listen to your breath...your heartbeat…and ask...what is it that I desire?

What do you think Spirit might say to you - what is it that you wish to know, little one?

Do you need me to comfort you?

Do you want to play…Do you want permission to jump in that mud puddle?

Does your heart hurt…Can I ask you why?

And if your reply was "I don't know," I would say to you, "Yes, but if you did know, little One, why does your

heart hurt?

I would keep asking, gently...and eventually you'd find the answer. Then I would ask you, "Would you like to heal your heart, Little One?"

For many, forgiveness seems impossible. Many think that you have to believe in God to practice forgiveness. Many think that if you forgive the wrong do-er, that lets them off the hook. It makes them right and you wrong - or weak…

Here's what Spirit has to say about forgiveness: You, my sweet one, were given a heart with the ability to love greatly, deeply. Forgiveness is an act of love...for yourself.

You see, when you hold onto the pain of the wrong doing, and it festers into resentment, hatred, low vibrations...it affects your thoughts, which turn into beliefs, which influence your choices...which are limiting and fear-based, which then in turn, creates restriction upon...your heart.

So, Little One, to heal your heart, let's practice the act of forgiveness, shall we?

Close your eyes, if they aren't already. Take a full, deep breath in from your nose, hold for 3 seconds, release slowly…really slowly, through your mouth.

Repeat these words with me (These are spoken on each exhale):

“I desire to be free from this pain.”

“I desire to be free from these limiting beliefs. I am willing to see only their light.”

“I am ready to release all resentment towards ______. I choose love instead of this.”

“I believe in miracles. I release this pain now. I am willing to let go of my anger. I desire to replace it with the all powerful energy of love.”

“I choose forgiveness for my well being. I choose to be free of this pain-now!”


Yes, my dear, it's really just that simple. Rest now. Be well.

By lorieeicher32108074, Mar 3 2019 07:14PM

Hello Dearest One!

Yep, there I was, moving through life in a fog. You know the deal, going through the daily routine-passionless...I even went to the doctor to have my heart checked out-especially since my own mother had passed away from a sudden, massive heart attack. When they didn't find anything physically wrong...

To make a really long story-much shorter...my mom died July 7, 2014.

I've had stuck energy ever since-it took me over two years before I could even begin to feel the grief...then with the help of very gifted friends who happen to be healers...and of course my higher self...I have been able to release a LOT of that. I was able to commit to back surgery. I am walking straight again-a big deal for those of you that saw the angle I was walking at...while I was healing-having to be still (how many of you struggle with just that??) I thought a lot about how I want to live the next 20 years or so-I made a list one day as I was laying in the sun on my living room floor-the list was titled "WHAT DO I DESIRE TO SEE, FEEL, DO".

Well, my dear, the title was the easy part because then all the questions came up, such as:

"What do I need to be able to live a life of passion?"

"What does a life of passion look like?"

"What emotions are allowed to come forward, if you are a passionate person?"

"What am I passionate about?"

"Is it safe to be passionate?"

WELL...you get the picture...

I have moved through most of that process-it takes time. And, as the Law of Attraction dictates: Like attracts Like. So, I'm calling you in...I'm asking you to consider all those questions, and DECIDE...are you ready to transform into someone who has a heart of fire?

Still have questions? Call me. Let's have a discovery dive-and figure out if this is the right class for you-and if I'm the best teacher...

My heart is on fire because I have a burning desire to serve...you. The best way I can do that is by showing up for you, thus I have created a Heart of Fire series of classes. They start this Tuesday at 6 pm. Click Here for details.

By lorieeicher32108074, Feb 14 2019 03:00PM

Hello Dearest!

My personal belief is that if you want to receive something, you must be wiling to give it...without strings attached...without expectations...without an agenda.

I have a collection of love notes. I love them! Some are from my hubby, some from my kids, a few from clients, many from my grand-kids, and there are even couple from myself! It feels good to know that you are loved-doesn't it?

About a year ago, when I was feeling down due to chronic back pain, my eight year old grandson, Cam, surprised me with several love notes. I thought he'd been watching cartoons in my bedroom, it was unusually quiet, so I peeked in on him...

He had drawn little hearts on yellow sticky notes and placed them all over my bedroom and into my bathroom. They might as well have been big yellow roses, for the way the fragrance of love filled the room.

Today, I will go to his house and while he is at school I will do the same thing...but I may have to include a small box of chocolates, too.

PS: the sticky notes are still hanging around-they continue to make me smile!

HERE'S A LOVE NOTE FOR YOU: I am offering any of my services through the end of the month, and the cost will be a Love Offering Only. Text or call to schedule your personal session now.

605.391.3210. For a list of ways we can play, go HERE.

PLEASE CONSIDER: who do you know that could benefit from a play-date with me? A referral is the greatest compliment (love note) you could give to me!

Much Love to You!

By lorieeicher32108074, Feb 13 2019 04:37PM

Hello Dearest!

Do you remember that TV sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie? Then later...the cartoon movie, Aladdin?

Don't you wish sometimes that you had your very own Jeannie? Or at the very least, a magic wand that you could wave about - and get your heart's desire?

And, then, do you recall that in both shows, there was always some confusion...because those attempting to verbalize their wishes were left feeling frustrated...angry even...when their wish didn't turn out perfectly?

Look again at the photo. The simple sign made with some rocks, glitter, paint and a piece of old board...WISH...

What is it that you wish for? What is your heart's deepest, greatest desire? While you think about that...I'll tell you mine.

I desire to work! I know crazy, right? I desire to use my gifts (my voice, my intuition, my connection to Spirit, my sense of where energy is stuck, my insight) to help people - like you-heal, dream, love, be free, connect, hope, find success, have a fresh start!

I desire to be of service. I desire to coach, speak, share, heal...every day...oh and ride a horse again...just sayin'!!!

So back to you, Dearest. What is your wish? What do you desire...can I help you? Would you consider having a conversation with me - a Discovery Session?

Here's the secret...the reason why Jeannie...and Genie... left people feeling frustrated: they didn't give them clear instructions on how to Manifest. They didn't help them remove their limiting beliefs so they could accept the new "wish". They didn't help them specify, exactly what they wanted...oh...and they didn't explain that there is definitely a difference between a want, a need, a wish and a desire.

Funny...it just dawned on me...I actually have a coaching package called "Waving of the Wand". Check it out HERE.

My wish for you...is that all your dreams come true.

By lorieeicher32108074, Feb 10 2019 08:19PM

Hello Dear One!

What's your plan? Or more specifically, what's THE plan?

This question is one I have asked of people (my children and family for sure) for years. I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up on my tombstone, if I am not careful!

Well, here's the deal...I haven't had one for quite sometime...I have come to hate the week between Christmas and New Year's because there was so much pressure...to set goals, design loftly resolutions, and write them all down. UGH...I'm over it already.

BUT, I did get still and quiet during that week. I DID ask myself, "What do you desire - to experience - to have-to be-to feel" in 2019? A word came to me in that stillness: adventure. The more I thought about the word - adventure - the more excited I became!

The next thing I did after hibernating (sounds better than vegetating, doesn't it?) was to pull a card for 2019...tada...Fresh Start! Couldn't be more perfect!

You see, once you decide, once the clarity of the wish comes through, the Universe is more than willing to assist you.

Briefly, here is what my Fresh Start is going to look like:

Take Care of Myself. Like I would a best friend. Change my inner dialog, lots of massages, walks in the woods, learn to cook healthier foods, limit the sugar, buy a new bed, ride a horse.

Clean Up my Own Back Yard. Make amends, let toxic relationships go, clean out my closet, purge everything that I haven't used or worn in a year, close unnecessary credit cards and pay off the little ones.

Re-brand my business. Get excited about what I do, have no fear in sharing it, find new ways to promote it, be authentic, be real, be seen and be valued.

Go to Work. Open an office, hang my name on the door, be OPEN for business. Book some clients, schedule some classes, book some speaking engagements, have fun!

Enhance My Skills. Attend a retreat, take a class, hire a coach, join a mastermind, attend a book club, facilitate a gallery, reach out to someone whom I admire-ask them to become my mentor.

Love My Family-without expectation. Be Love. Give Grace. Practice Forgiveness. Show Compassion. Exude Empathy.

NEWS FLASH: Since the first of the year I have:

rented an office

had weekly massages

bought a new bed

walked in the woods

cleaned my closet (work in progress)

cleaned up my credit card issues

talked with a re-branding expert

searching for that mentor

booked a spot at a Gabby Bernstein Retreat located at the world-renowned Kripalu Yoga Center (more info HERE )

joined 2 book clubs

and I will be facilitating a master mind and galleries on a monthly basis

and work daily on loving the family - without having a plan.

We all deserve a fresh start! Many of us know we need one, but aren't quite sure how to get one. If that's you, Dear One...know I'm here for you. It all begins with a divinely guided conversation about...your heart's desires.

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