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Hey Your Best Friend is Waiting for You…

Here's the deal...your very best friend is waiting for you in the Sacred Black Hills of South Dakota. She wants you to come and play with her. She has the agenda all planned and is super excited to take you on this little adventure! Don’t let the word “intensive” scare you…there’s nothing tense about this, it’s a play-date!

Are You Present with Possibility?

I had to travel to a sacred, remote place in order to do my work (reconnect with my Self, get grounded, gain clarity). In this mystical, magical place I met with a coach...she held the space for me while I processed, dreamed, released, and discovered.


I could not have done this type of work alone. I required the guidance of a coach in order to process all of my thoughts, emotions, and mis-beliefs. We created an inspired plan of action, and then set up the continued support to be able to implement/create my new way of life.

I want to do that for you, too!

The Black Hills Intensive Package

This package is ideal for the woman who is very busy, has a full plate of the "have to's" and the "you should's," but is smart enough to know that in order to transform her life she must schedule some time just for her, away from the lists, the cell phones, and the pressures of having to do it all. She desires to hire a coach who can take her "away" and facilitate the connection for her with her higher self.


Our play-date will include customized coaching sessions, meals, transportation, and a one night’s stay in a beautiful hotel chosen especially for you!  Our play-date could also include: a specially designed spa treatment, hiking, biking, horse-back riding, art lessons, meditations, or other activities to lift your spirit and nourish your soul...


To plan your Black Hills Intensive, call Lorie to schedule a free Discovery Session. Because this package is created just for you, pricing will reflect upon your choice of experiences.

“I want to thank you for the past years of being my Life Coach! You are the best . . . you are always there for people and what they are going through . . . I would recommend your guidance and direction to anyone."


-Sandra Sawyer

Do you desire to lift your spirit and nourish your soul?


Want to create an inspired plan of action?


Contact me today!



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