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Lorie Eichert, Empowerment Coach

  • I am an Empowerment Coach whose desire is to help everybody break free from overwhelm and create the life you have always wanted. I have found a unique way to combine my formal education in Business Management, numerous certifications in Life Coaching and Transformational Healing to form a method of coaching that allows my clients profound growth...professionally...spiritually...personally. I observe through easy conversation and then ask you intuitive questions. I have been blessed with a gift; to be able to listen beyond the words; tuning into feelings, stuck emotions, inner child connections and past life experiences. Want to express your thoughts or feelings? Talk to me today for excellent solutions!

  • I am a Motivational Speaker, who has a dream of being on a stage in a purple suit, sharing my message of HOPE to thousands of people. I love telling stories and seeing people recognize themselves within them. Are you frustrated for not being able to follow your dreams? I am blessed with being able to hear a powerful message from Source and then translating it in a way that moves people to embrace the changes they need to make in order to have the life they desire.

  • I am an Intuitive Healer, who has an invisible bag of tools, all designed to help people move from turmoil to triumph, from chaos to clarity, from overwhelm to overflowing joy, and remove negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns for good! Let's work together to bring happiness!

  • I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I love being “mamah” and by hanging out with my little people I have learned to embrace play and my own innocence all over again. I have lived in the magical, mystical Black Hills of South Dakota for over 30 years. I enjoy off-roading…fishing…camping…playing…exploring and visiting our many local wineries.


Would you like to go from chaos to clarity? Imagine a life of overflowing JOY...Ready for a transformation...call me today!

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