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The Place of Possibility

As a motivational speaker, I love telling stories and seeing people recognize themselves within them. I have developed several playshops, which are engaging and uplifting - all designed to renew hope and create connection. Inspired art is also available for those of you who have shut down that inner child-the creative. Inspired art is a fun, engaging activity as part of a workshop or as a stand alone experience.

As an intuitive healer, I have an extensive training in a variety of modalities, all designed to take you from chaos to clarity, from turmoil to triumph, from overwhelm to overflowing joy. IF you are curious about what this might look like for you-go on over to the Intuitive Work page...or call me anytime.


Speaking and Presentation Sessions

As your Empowerment Coach, I would be guiding you, encouraging you, loving you and sometimes pushing you, much like a Fairy Godmother would do. Each session is designed to take you deeper, to develop new thought patterns, and to support you through this transition. A variety of packages are available and designed to address your specific needs. All of my coaching packages are as individual as you and priced accordingly.

Comprehensive Coaching Packages

Intuitive Work


"Here’s what I know…we were never meant to suffer. We were never intended to settle or compromise our truths. We are meant to be living in JOY…" - Lorie Eichert

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